Wednesday, 19 November 2014


"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” 

This piece on “FEAR” would not be possible without the keen, insightful and painful observation of watching the operation of fear operate and how fear can impair one's vision to have a self-vision of self, as the vision of fear is self-limiting. Fear is a masquerader and a great pretender.

Fear is like having a self-hired police to deregulate self, who stands on guard, to act within the best interest of its own Corporation called Fear. This self-policing system will perpetually imprison their employees who are at the mercy of its employer to be put on staff as their temporary, part-time, full-time or casual contractors, who are their Fear workers hired specifically to deprogram self. Fear is a hidden agenda because you cannot see fear for what it is, it will always camouflage self and undermine self.

Fear is a limited edition making itself available to anyone who is a vehicle to auto drive, shift drive or street race based on one’s availability for fear to test drive self. Fear has a sophisticated exhausting system that is emotionally taxing on every aspect of life and it effect marial relationship between a hurband and a wife.

Fear is toxic and diabolical; if personal care is not exercised to fear manage the issues of fear, fear will get out of control to control you.

If left unattended fear will checkmate you out of reality and truth. Fear is a deceiver of truth; if you are patient enough fear is persistent against truth but if you seek, you will find and you will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. If the issue of fear is neglected, various “issues of life” will become cemented into those fears, to ensure fear under represents you for the rest of your life. Fear cannot be effectively conquered without unconditional patience and support. Without support you will be defeated. 

Somebody needs to confront fear NOW! Somebody needs to self-serve fear its final divorcement paper by telling fear this marriage with fear is now over! Did you know: “Where there is no vision, (self) will parish”? Fear will isolate self to self-fear self and to be daily retrain self to fear the unknown. Fear is evil because fear disallows a man, a youth, a wife, a husband, a professional or a woman the right to live.  When evil is spelled backwards is the word live.  So many men and women have stop living. 

Fear is a disposition and the good news is this negative disposition is fixable if one is willing to unmask one’s fear. Question: why would anyone choose to self-envelop self in fear?; as it denies any form of self-birthing achievements to materialize.

In my journey experience, I have personally observed and witnessed day after day how a dear beloved friend of mine drowned themselves in their own self-created Red Sea called FEAR who is unable to look beyond the impossible of their situation. The problem with this particular Red Sea; it disallows any self-Exodus from taking place as fear will always have you looking back. Speaking to one’s Red Sea situation requires faith not fear. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Fear is needy and fear will dress you up in its own dress code called misery, in a hat called unpleasant, in a shirt called strife, in a pant or skirt called division, in a tie called mean spirited, in some earrings called non-authentic to self and in a belt to unconditionally buckle you in to accept “issues of life” mess, one buckle size at a time like a knife being held against your precious life. Fear will self-dress you up in a suit called entitlement, a coat called exploiting others, a pair of socks called intolerant, stockings called cover-up and fear will have you wear a pair of shoes called put down walking you down one step at a time because fear is the ultimate gate keeper to keep you down never to have you look up to see beyond fear.

Fear is an illegal draft into a self-dysfunctional institution being conducted on self; preventing one from ever functioning within their potential capacity.Fear will always foster non-independence because it is co-dependent. Fear for some reason thrives off of “lack of knowledge”, because one cannot conceptualize the end or the outcome; as fear will prematurely bombard one’s thoughts with convincing and negative projection beginning and ending in one’s mind. 

Fear will keep you from not finding your own strength of who you are, not what fear says that you are directly or indirectly. Fear is a friend enemy stopping one from self-discovering and self-exploring self from an objective perspective. Fear is self-subjective, functioning in a spirit that is always antagonistic.

Fear will always equip you with its bad habits and it is a habitual mold that must be pursued aggressively in order for fear to be dismembered.

Fear is a mental talker, talking you out of doing the right thing; involving self as fear will always exclude others. The fear story and the fear outcome appear plausible and real to those who are being bullied by fear. A bully will always bully you until you decide to walk towards fear by using reverse psychology and aggressively bullying fear straight out of your life. Fear is also a self historian who knows your fear history inside-out.

Some individuals’ including some of my own friends are compromising their quality of life right now due to fear. Sad to say, many of them do not even realize what they are doing to themselves. Fear is a blind spot and a pitfall which is an exposure of something that is currently “lacking in one’s life or a void within one’s life." Not surprising; fear will Cause the manifestation of fear to rule self. Fear affects everyone to include some Christians and some non-Christians who are aware or unaware or absent from their allegiance to fear. Fear is not specific to a culture, a religion, or an ethnicity. Fear is a learnt behaviour embodied with a nasty attitude resisting change. Modifying one’s behaviour will command one to do some personal and ongoing work on self. Fear carries a self entitled philosophy that is always counterproductive to produce a state of lifelessness. In fact, fear is a spirit crusher. A lot of individuals are clueless; who are unaware, fear is a stalker; stalking anything you fear, stalking your worth as a beautiful human being, stalking your marriage to cause a marital miscarriage, stalking your finances because your wages are below the poverty standard.

I have a friend who was in this very situation I described. If I did not have a spiritual and a divine understanding about compassion in partnership with God, I would have left her to her own understanding.

Individuals who are victims of fear need unconditional support to support them one phase and one step at a time.

Friends would ask me why do you care especially when this individual does not value themselves. I would tell them my daddy prayed 18 ½ years for me to give my life back to God and my daddy never one day in those 18 ½ years, gave up on me. Therefore, I cannot give up on this person because I believe in them. I introduced them to a business owner who is a friend of mine to seek out new employment with them. This NEW JOB had better working conditions, the potential to make a little more money, the company was willing to work with her and her fears almost snatched her blessing out of her hands. At first I was mad with the fear in her I took a step back and I was able to identified it was F E A R. I had to step in, I directly shutdown all named and unnamed excuses of non-accountability and I had to verbally knock her out first with some tough love punches that left her speechless. Her state of speechlessness was her turning point and I was able to capture her attention instead of fear capturing her attention. Sometimes you have to flip the script on fear and tell fear I am not leaving my friend behind to deal with this alone anymore. I then asked several questions: So you would rather work like a slave, complain how bad your work environment is, being disrespected on your job, no benefits or growth development, unhappy with being unhappy and you are willing to accept stagnation over happiness and unlimited possibilities? I had say to her: girl, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?! WHAT DO YOU WANT IN LIFE? WHY in the name of Sweet Jesus are you allowing FEAR to continue to unravel your future? I had to literally direct her on what she needed to do. I had her call the employer back, set up an appointment to have a dialogue about her concerns, she apologized for not getting back to them at the time she had previously committed to. I unconditionally supported my friend by making a list ahead of time together about all her concerns before her scheduled appointment later on that week. As she released her fears, her fear's sole option was to self-release her start to the job, Dececember 2014. I recognized for the first time it is impossible to move any wall of fear. It is my opinion, fear is like a bio-hazzard product which must be proceeded with caution. Fear is indirect self-genocide against self; killing one’s will or desire to act upon change.

Fear operates in the physical realm, the psychological realm, the emotional realm, in the spiritual realm and yes there is a spiritual realm called fear. The realm of fear is a system by design which I call the fear dependency theory. In a nut shell, without you, fear cannot be full of life or live up to life's future standards because fear is an ambassador of the state of deadlessness not life. Fear will play Russian roulette with anyone. Fear is against one’s own life as the “gunholder” is you and the trigger holder is you as you fire away at your life as one becomes deaf, blind and dead to any possibility to enjoy life. Fear is a freedom fighter against change and fear will take your will to fight fear by force.

Fear has its own combined DNA pre-disposition characteristic and mind-set traits such as:
- stagnation
- irratonal thinking followed by drama
- self-oppression
- being dissatisfied with self
- fear operates in cycles year after year
- self-disappointment with self
- playing the blame game of blaming others
- not taking responsibility
- fear will keep you immature preventing you from
  maturing which mirrors childlike behavior
- fear will hurt the one’s you love
- fear will talk you out of commitment
- no growth or prosperity
- fear will keepy you socially underdeveloped
- fragmented communication skills
- selfishness
- lack of compassion
- inability to listen and follow instruction/sound  
- fear is a concealer of one’s potential
- fear is a destroyer of self and others
- fear will keep one in a state of self-hate

Fear is self-created because it is “false evidence appearing real” that becomes a self-obstacle acting like a self-barrier against self. Fear will disable one’s capability to fulfil one’s dream, destroying the self-competency to dream the impossible dream. Fear is not a team player as it plays against partnership, fear plays against stability, fear is a villain who is against unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love towards self and others. Fear will cause one to self-waste themselves away like a rose self-withers
itself away; being cut from its main vine, being cut from its water source and being cut from its ability to self sustain itself.

Fear will cut your life potentially short and fear will prevent one from achieving the unachievable. As the petals of life fade away like a rose; leaving the thorns of yesterday to cut just like a knife. Each thorn becomes non-responsive to life as the thorn internally pricks away at one’s self-esteem. Fear will disallow any opportunity for any wounds to adequately heal, to be released from fear and the realm of laws of attraction to the spiritual realm connected to FEAR. These thorns of fear are persistent and self is in-persistent with self; as its sole purpose is to self-tear apart self starting with one’s gifted mind, one’s spirit to disconnect never to connect, one’s body that is left psychologically displaced and soul that is left empty and unfulfilled. Fear will attempt by any means necessary to have one never to experience happiness, love, or wholeness but brokenness. Loved ones watch helplessly, hoping one day our love ones will find the courage to face their fears.

The thorns of fear, represent a self-portrait of suffering to finally undress one’s unspeakable pain; as fear slices away at their promising future. Fear must be viewed as a psychological addiction which is no different from any other addictions; keeping one dysfunctional and alone; in essence too afraid to deal with their fear.

Fear will disallow any hope of intervention prevention, restoration, healing and fear is one of many stumbling blocks; blocking you from who you are as a strong person.

Fear is one of many prerequisites for martial failure, for those who are married. As long as you give fear your permission to take control of you, your marriage will be present to the state of fearfulness. Fear is a terrorist; terrorizing its victim to victimize whoever dares to correct or dare to call fear, fear. Fear will excuse self out of anything that holds self accountable who have direct or indirect traits of excuse and self-excusing themselves out of accountability.

Fear is our own double jeopardy; as fear is on standby feeding one’s fear; as it disarms one’s will to try. Fear will keep one in a state to self defeat, defeating self over and over again.

Fear cannot exist if one “know thyself”. Fear cannot exist within anyone who has a self-identity to override any named or unnamed identity such as FEAR. Not surprising pride and fear are inseparable which will dance with you as you continue to dance with fear. Why are you dancing with FEAR knowingly or unknowingly? There is nothing normal about fear.

Fear is a choice keeping self apart from self. The shadow of fear will keep you at a distance like the shadow that is in this picture, as it hopscotches in and out of your life, looking out, when one should be looking within self. Fear is a secret society that has elements of the Illuminati, once you are in, it is hard to forsake the brotherhood or the sisterhood of fear as some of us are held hostage by fear against our own will. Fear will never allow its diverse roots or branches to be cut, uprooted or removed.

Fear is stubborn and fear will rebel against any prospect and any hint one is about to start one’s separation journey to have fear at a distance instead of you allowing fear to self procreate with you creating more new roots of fear.

Fear can be disarming because it belongs to the negative realm of Laws of Attraction to becoming its causality life long partner that is self-determined by self. Fear is a spirit which only attracts spiritual negativities. The most amazing thing about the laws of negative attraction realm; a choice, a change of attitude, an action plan, accountability to one’s fear, life skill mentorship, counselling, a decision, a commitment to commit to the process of a commitment and asking for help is a step in the right direction to start the process to disenfranchise fear to put a stop to mastering you.

What helped me to overcome my own fears, negativities, disappointment, anger and unforgiveness? I would put all my grievances in my beloved "God Boxes” because I am a Christian. I started this in November 2009 and it is an ongoing process. I call this process "“issues of life” dumping” in my God box. If your are a non Christian get a box and put what it is that is bothering you, your fears, your secrets and what you are currentl battling with in your mind. When you are ready, confront those issues and self-examine those issues with objective support. 

My “issues of life” dumping box worked for me and now I am passing it on to YOU to confront your fear(s).

Do you know what your fears are? 

Does your fear support you in a positive way? If not, it is time to confront the unconfronted and get rid of it! Fear cannot bully you without your consent. It is important one “carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life”.